GalaxyView: Files

These tools are hosted here because they don't have a home anymore. We are guessing that they are all open source. If you have any information about ownership, copyight or licensing of these files, please contact christhecat.


A battle simulator.


Dist is a progran that given a list of planets and their coordinates can find all the planets within a given distances from a given planet of origin. The list of planets can easily be generated by joining the three planetlists generated by Planetmap. Here's an example of the output.


This is a galaxy tool that given a turn report creates a gnuplot program that can generate a map of your current situation in the galaxy. You can view the map on screen or you can create a postscript version that can be printed. The map includes: your planets, your enemies planets, and all uninhabited planets. You can zoom into sections of the map. To use this program you need gnuplot.


This is a program to design ships written in Tcl/Tk. It lets you design ships interactively. You can tweak all the parameters and the tech-levels, and for each setting the program calculates shield effiency (with cargo and without), total mass, and speed (full and empty).


The name is taken from the film "war games", it's a battle simulator, which, given two sets of groups and ship designs, can predict the outcome of a battle between these groups. Take a look at the output it generates.
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