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GalaxyView is a turn viewer for Galaxy (Standard, GalaxyNG, and Blind Galaxy), a multiplayer play-by-email game of interstellar war. Features include a map with detailed information, a ship designer, a move editor, turn report charts, a battle simulator, forecast, history and help. Automatic planet ownership detection, automatic cargo routing, and ship scanning are the main features that distinguish GalaxyView from other Galaxy tools.


GalaxyView 2.85 is the current stable release.

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GalaxyView was created and maintained by Roland Scholz until 15 February 2003, when it was released under the GNU General Public License.

The developers plan to convert GalaxyView from a Delphi codebase with a Windows client to a C++ codebase with native Windows and Linux clients. Suggestions, bug reports, and development help gladly accepted. Come on over to our development site to help out.
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